Short Stories in Russian for Beginners : Read for pleasure at your level, expand your vocabulary and learn Russian the fun way!

Short Stories in Russian for Beginners : Read for pleasure at your level, expand your vocabulary and learn Russian the fun way!


An unmissable collection of eight unconventional and captivating short stories for young and adult learners.

"I love Olly's work - and you will too!" - Barbara Oakley, PhD, Author of New York Times bestseller A Mind for Numbers

Short Stories in Russian for Beginners has been written especially for students from beginner to intermediate level, designed to give a sense of achievement, and most importantly - enjoyment! Mapped to A2-B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference, these eight captivating stories will both entertain you, and give you a feeling of progress when reading.

What does this book give you?

* Eight stories in a variety of exciting genres, from science fiction and crime to history and thriller - making reading fun, while you learn a wide range of new vocabulary
* Controlled language at your level, including the 1000 most frequent words, to help you progress confidently
* Authentic spoken dialogues, to help you learn conversational expressions and improve your speaking ability
* Pleasure! It's much easier to learn a new language when you're having fun, and research shows that if you're enjoying reading in a foreign language, you won't experience the usual feelings of frustration - 'It's too hard!' 'I don't understand!'
* Accessible grammar so you learn new structures naturally, in a stress-free way

Carefully curated to make learning a new language easy, these stories include key features that will support and consolidate your progress, including

* A glossary for bolded words in each text
* A bilingual word list
* Full plot summary
* Comprehension questions after each chapter.

As a result, you will be able to focus on enjoying reading, delighting in your improved range of vocabulary and grasp of the language, without ever feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. From science fiction to fantasy, to crime and thrillers, Short Stories in Russian for Beginners will make learning Russian easy and enjoyable.

Publisher's Note: The new edition of October 2018 has been comprehensively revised: it rectifies the translation errors identified by reviewers below in the previous edition and includes a completely new story.

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